Johnny Depp will once again be the face of Dior perfume

Johnny Depp will once again be the face of Dior perfume

Johnny Depp will once again be the face of the perfume “Sauvage” of the fashion house “Dior”, DPA reported.

The 59-year-old actor continues to reap success after winning a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard in June. His rise to some extent is also due to the multi-year contract he recently signed with the fashion house, TMZ reports.

The seven-figure deal will make the Oscar winner, who first signed a deal with Dior in 2015, once again the face of men’s fragrance Sauvage.

In a joint Instagram post with Depp, the fashion house shared black-and-white photos of the actor taken by photographer Gregg Williams. They were taken recently before Johnny Depp took part in a concert in Paris with Jeff Beck. The footage will be used in the new Dior campaign, sources told TMZ.

The ad featuring Johnny Depp for the fragrance disappeared from television after his ex-wife Heard’s accusations, but then returned even before the actor’s legal victory was announced.

The former Hollywood couple’s tumultuous relationship took center stage earlier this year in a high-profile defamation trial during which unsavory details emerged. Depp asked for $50 million in damages, and the 36-year-old Aquaman star demanded $100 million in a counterclaim. At the heart of the lawsuit was Amber Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed in which she described herself as a “public figure who is a victim of domestic violence,” although she never named Depp.

However, a Virginia court in June ordered the actor to receive more than $10 million in damages. Heard was awarded 2 million US dollars, DPA recalls.