John Lennon’s killer: I knew it was evil and wrong, but I was willing to do anything for fame

The man who shot John Lennon outside his New York apartment building in 1980 has told a parole board that he knew it was wrong to kill his beloved former Beatles member, but he was looking for fame and had “evil in his heart.”

Mark David Chapman made these comments in August before the commission, which denied him parole for the 12th time, citing his “a selfish disregard for human life with worldwide consequences“. In the transcript released by US authorities on Monday under a freedom of information request, Chapman says the decision to kill Lennon was “my big answer to everything. I would be nobody anymore“.

I won’t blame anything or anyone for taking me therehe told the committee.I knew what I was doing, I knew it was evil, I knew it was wrong, but I wanted the glory so much that I was ready to give everything and take a human life.”.

Chapman shot Lennon on the night of December 8, 1980, as he and Yoko Ono returned to their Upper West Side apartment. Earlier that day, the musician had autographed the man on a copy of his recently released album Double Fantasy.

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Chapman, 67, told the committee: “It was evil in my heart. I wanted to be somebody and nothing was going to stop that.”

He is serving a sentence of 20 years to life in a New York state penitentiary. Over the years, he has repeatedly repented during parole hearings.

I hurt a lot of people and if someone wants to hate me, that’s normal, I understand that.”he says at the Aug. 31 hearing.

In denying his release, the commission noted that Chapman’s actions had left “for the world to recover from the void you created“. The next appearance of John Lennon’s killer before the parole board is scheduled for February 2024.

In June, John Hinckley Jr., who shot and wounded President Ronald Reagan in 1981, was released from judicial supervision, officially ending decades of supervision by lawyers and psychiatrists, BTA recalls. Hinckley was acquitted by reason of insanity.

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