John Legend revealed his unforgiving spirit and poured out his soul, but failed to charm the critics

John Legend released his eighth album, Legend, to good, if not stellar, reviews. In it, he offers hits, pours his soul, moves from R&B to funk.

The singer himself describes his tray on Instagram as “imbued with an unapologetic spirit of sensuality and joy, united by the vulnerability of pain, praise, soulfulo”.

The album is double, with 24 songs. One part is sensual and liberated, the other is of a laid-back man with a family. The musician has invited more guest artists than usual, mostly rappers. In “Rounds” his old friend Rick Ross sings, in “Dope” – the new rap star JID, in “All She Wanna Do” – Sweetie. “Love” features the winner of the “Grammy” award for the best rap album, Jazmin Solvan. This song sets the tone for the second part of the music collection, which is about the devoted man. “Wonder Woman”, the standout “Honey” (with Money Long), “I Don’t Love U Like I Used To” return to the usual and well-known sound of the artist. In most of his new works, however, he seeks to go beyond it.

His music is always amazing, his voice is very beautiful and so are his songs” wrote a fan to “Honey”.

Legend” goes for a pop-funk sound more suited to his sensibilities: timeless, genius and a nice contrast to his usual tearful songs” writes Clare Shaffer of Pitchfork Media.

According to David Smith of Evening Standart, the album is long, full of love, but ultimately lacks luster.

The star bares her soul in the first part, in the second she hides it with restrained elegancet”, writes the review “Rolling Stone”. Overall, however, the album is relaxing, danceable and more moving, although it was written during the Covid-19 pandemic.

John Legend’s previous album “Bigger Love” was released in 2020. In the new one, the changes are not only in style, he also changed his record company – from “Columbia Records” to “Republic Records”.

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As of 2018, John Legend, born John Roger Stevens, is the first black laureate of the four major awards in the American entertainment industry – “Emmy”, “Grammy”, “Oscar” and “Tony”. In addition to being a singer, he is a pianist, composer, lyricist, and producer. His background was humble, but his parents were avid musicians and he began playing the piano at the age of four.

He began his career as a piano accompanist and singer on songs by Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys. Kanye West signed him to his GOOD Music label. He released his debut album Get Lifted in 2004. It went double platinum and earned him eight Grammy Award nominations. It won in three categories. Now there is a common of the prestigious statuettes in the shape of a gramophone. In 2007, he won an Oscar as a co-author of the song “Glory”.

The song “All of Me”, which has been certified thirteen times platinum, is from his fourth studio album “Love in the Future” (2013). In 2017, he received the theater award “Tony” as a co-producer of the show “Jitney” on Broadway, BTA recalls. The 2018 Television Emmy Award was won as a producer on NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar. He also performs the main role in the show, for which he received a nomination for the prestigious award.

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