Joe Biden: Missile explosion in Poland was from a Ukrainian air defense missile

The rocket explosion in Poland, which killed two people, was caused by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile. This is what US President Joe Biden told the G7 and NATO partners, Reuters reported, citing a NATO source.

The explosion sparked global concern that the conflict in Ukraine could spill over into neighboring countries.

Already last night, Biden held extraordinary meeting with the leaders of the G-20 in Bali. After the meeting, he said that the US and allies would support an investigation into the case and, once it is completed, would make a collective decision on what their next step would be. It became clear that President Biden spoke on the phone with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda. The White House reports that the president has offered full support and assistance to the investigation into the incident. He has also confirmed the US commitment to NATO.

“With NATO and G-7 leaders, we discussed the latest events in Europe and agreed to support the Polish investigation into the explosion in the village near the Ukrainian border. Then we will collectively determine our next step,” Joe Biden announced.

“We offer our full support to Poland and assistance in the ongoing investigation.” We will be with Ukraine as long as it takes, and we are united,” said Ursula von der Leyen.

“The important thing is that we all clearly state that none of this would have happened without the Russian war against Ukraine, without the missiles being fired intensively and on a large scale at the Ukrainian infrastructure,” said Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany.

Just last night Moscow denied that the fallen missile was Russian and described these claims as “deliberate provocation with the aim of escalating the conflict”.

“At the moment we can say that what happened was an isolated incident. There is nothing to suggest that it could happen again,” the Polish president said.

Poland nevertheless convened its national security council and summoned the Russian ambassador to Warsaw for consultations.

The country invited international experts to join the investigation. Warsaw is also considering whether to trigger Article 4 of the Washington Treaty. It provides for consultations of the North Atlantic Council at the request of a member country that considers that there is a threat to its security or territorial integrity.

Meanwhile, the West criticized last night’s massive Russian strikeand against Ukrainian energy infrastructure as “barbaric attacks”. And the final declaration of the G-20 reads: “Most countries categorically condemn the Russian war in Ukraine.”


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