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With ever smarter electric bikes, rich in features and with integrated elements, isn’t there a risk that the bike will lose its primary asset, namely its simplicity? A simplicity which results in the repairability by the greatest number, and therefore the durability of the frame. This is what seems to have guided Jean Fourche, a Bordeaux company that created initially muscular and now electric bicycles.

Jean Fourche has not completely changed his universe to offer a model of VAE. This one sits on the same frame as the muscle version. A central motor has been added to the pedals. The engine comes from the catalog of a French company, Virvolt, and offers 80 Nm of torque. Enough to climb hills, even with heavy loads, without sweating. The power supply is provided by a 430 Wh battery with which the manufacturer promises to travel 80 km. This battery is also manufactured in France by the company Gouach, which also offers manufacturing authorizing the repair and replacement of each cell.

The Jean Fourche looks like a longtail bike, but its carrying capacity remains limited for this category. Its rear rack can support 35 kg all the same, and its front rack supports 15 kg. This electric bike nevertheless retains a contained length of 1.72 m, which makes it both manageable and easier to store than a real longtail. The Jean Fourche opts for 24-inch wheels for a good compromise between responsiveness, comfort and performance.

For the transmission, the Bordeaux company has chosen a chain solution and a Shimano Nexus 7 integrated gear hub. An interesting choice and perfectly suited to urban driving, since it notably allows gear changes when stationary. For braking, the choice is more debatable. Indeed, the Jean Fourche is content with V-Brake brakes, an option that seems to us to be ill-suited to an electric bike that rolls on average faster than a muscle bike. Braking may lack precision and wear will be faster than with a disc brake solution.

The electric Jean Fourche is assembled in France and offered at a price of €2,290. A discount of €100 is granted to the first 50 orders, with deliveries scheduled from April 2023. It is possible to opt for a double stand or a pair of puncture-proof tires for a few extra euros.

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