James Cameron on the box office success of “Avatar 2”: Apparently I’ll have to do the sequels

There is no escape for director James Cameron after the numbers showed his Avatar: The Last Airbender has managed to overtake 2022 box office sensation Top Gun: Maverick.

The income of the second “Avatar” has already passed 1.5 billion, showing the viewer’s interest on a global scale. And from these data it can be assumed that the goal of 2 billion profit for the second “Avatar” will not be a problem for the production.

The creator of the science fiction epic is of the same opinion, who announced to the Who Talking to Chris Walles podcast that the sold-out tickets give the green light for the next parts of the series.

“It seems that with the momentum that the film has now, we will easily cross the bar. So I will not get out of it, I will have to do the next sequels. I already know what I will do in the next 6-7 years,” commented the director for podcast episode.

Covered costs and expectations that interest in “Avatar: The Nature of Water” will not drop at least until the end of the month, gives Cameron confidence that he will have the most constructive dialogue possible with Disney for the premiere of the third chapter of the Pandora story.

The third Avatar movie has already been filmed and is in post-production, when all the CGI magic of transforming the actors into Na’vi and creating the extraordinary ecology of Pandora actually happens.

Along with the final shaping of the third film, the director also shared that he already has a plan for the exact vision of the next two epics – “Avatar” 4 and “Avatar” 5.

“We have started a franchise, a saga that can play out in multiple films,” commented the director.

Back in November of last year, he announced that Avatar: The Last Airbender had the potential to be the third or fourth highest-grossing movie of all time, and while to this day he doesn’t recall putting an exact number on the earnings, he now believes , that he underestimated his film.

According to Cameron, the second “Avatar” has the chance to surpass all initial predictions, reaching a record that no one expected.

Variety’s sources reckon, on the other hand, that “Avatar: The Nature of Water” has already passed its break-even point. By their calculations, the film needed 1.4 billion in revenue to break even, and the barrier was crossed earlier this week.

The film earned 441.6 million in its opening weekend, but it remains to be seen whether it will be a financial success

This calculation, however, does not extinguish the count to the significant 2 billion, after which, according to Cameron, the production will be positive.

To make the anticipation even more spicy, producer John Landau revealed that in the next parts of the saga, the expedition on the surface of Pandora will increase. Evil na’vi will appear on the scene, and in “Avatar 5” an army of blue creatures will descend on Earth.

“We will open Neytiri’s eyes to what exists on our planet. Earth will not be portrayed as just an evil organization out to drain precious resources. Just like in life, there will be good and bad. As among the Na’vi, among the people,” says the producer.

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