James Cameron is already working on “Avatar 3”

Director James Cameron hinted that the third film in the “Avatar” series will show the dark side of the Na’vi race, which inhabits the planet Pandora, writes “Variety”, quoted by BTA.

In “Avatar” (2009) and the sequel “Avatar: The Nature of Water” (2022), the audience was introduced to two different clans, the forest dwellers Omatikai and the water tribe Metkaina – peaceful Na’vi who resort to violence only when their land is conquered by people.

However, the audience may soon learn that not all Na’vi are good. Director James Cameron told French outlet 20 Minutes that the as-yet-untitled Avatar 3 will introduce a third Pandora clan that will reveal the dark side of the Na’vi.

According to Cameron, the third film in the series will explore different cultures than those he has already shown. “Avatar 3” will introduce the audience to the element of fire – the evil Na’vi or People of Ashes.

“I want to present the Na’vi from a different angle, because until now I have only shown their good sides,” says James Cameron.

“In the first movies, there were a lot of negative examples of humans and a lot of positive examples of the Na’vi. In Avatar 3, we’re going to do the opposite,” the director continues. “We will also explore new worlds while continuing the story of the main characters. I can say that the last parts will be the best. The rest were introductions, setting the table before the meal was servedCameron says.

While the first two films in the Avatar series focused on conflicts between local tribes and humans, it looks like the third film will pit the Na’vi against each other for the first time in the franchise. It is likely that the Fire Tribe will turn on Jake Sully because of the destruction his presence has caused on Pandora so far.

Avatar 3 is expected to hit the screens on December 20, 2024. If the director continues the franchise to a fifth film, then the Na’vi will come to Earth. Producer Jon Landau revealed this before Avatar: The Last Airbender hits theaters.

“It’s fun,” Landau told Gizmodo. “I wasn’t going to talk about it, but now afterwards I heard that Jim mentioned something. In Avatar 5, part of the story will be brought to Earth. We will go there to open people’s eyes, to open Neytiri’s eyes to this , that exists on this planet,” added the producer.

“Earth is not only represented by bad people who want to take advantage of Pandora’s resources. Just as people are defined by the choices they make in their lives, not all people are bad. And not all Na’vi are good. It’s the same on Earth. And we want to introduce Neytiri to that,” added John Landau.

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