Jack Nicholson has become a recluse

For the past year, Jack Nicholson has led a secluded life amid rumors of dementia and other health problems.

A source close to the “Outside” star told RadarOnline: “His home is his castle.”

The Batman actor was last seen in public in October 2021 when he attended a Lakers game with his son Ray.

The source also told the publication that the actor “still keeps in touch with some relatives, but his socializing days are long gone.” The source also mentions that Jack’s reclusive lifestyle and lack of communication with the outside world has his family worried that he may suffer “the same fate as his friend Marlon Brando.”

“Brando died a recluse after leading such a colorful life, and Jack’s friends compare him to him,” the insider said, as quoted by Goodbye.

The source also stated that Jack, who once loved to party and socialize, now spends most of his time “watching TV, classic movies, sports and eating out.”

“It’s like he doesn’t want to face reality anymore and that’s just sad,” the source added.


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