Ivo Ivkov: BFS is like North Korea – Levski

The executive director of Levski Ivo Ivkov commented on the current topic with the punishment imposed on the club by the BFS for one match without an audience in front of “Arena Sport” on BNT.

“It is assumed that justice is contained in the legal norm. We do not know the facts on which the penalties were imposed. I managed to watch this man (b.r. – Yuriy Kuchev), I am filled with pity for the kind of people who work in the football union and polish these things. He has been the chairman for more than 15 years.

The head of Discipa on Levski’s punishment: In case of non-compliance, there are property sanctions, points may be taken away

He said we missed the appeal deadline. It is not true that Levski was called to attend the meeting. I don’t understand why the declaration level is low. It was published by me, Nasko Sirakov and Stanimir Stoilov. The whole truth about Levski’s goals comes out of us. If it concerns the text, there are questions there that this person was unable to answer as an expert. He did not say what the deadline is and what threatens Levski if there is an audience at the match with Botev Plovdiv.

We have not said that we will not comply with the decisions entered into force by the BFS. We invited the fans to the next match with Botev Plovdiv, there is a difference. Every lawyer, even a non-graduate, knows that the road to defense is blocked when he is not given the opportunity to defend himself and is not familiar with the documents.

What should I talk to these people? We are in different worlds. Everyone can interpret the declaration as they want. We stand behind her. I expect that we will first be given an opportunity to learn why the penalties were imposed, to state the position and to get to the Appeals Committee. It is not said in which match the suspension must be served.

90%, if not more, of sentences are non-appealable. It is only in North Korea. There is no other country where a fine over BGN 5,000 can be appealed, but deprivation of a household cannot. The meaning of football is the audience. Every Levski match is a celebration. Why is the whole stadium being closed, maybe one sector or one block,” said Ivkov.

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Levski punished for a match without an audience after the derby

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