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The executive director of Levski, Ivo Ivkov, commented on all current topics surrounding the club in front of the cameras of and NOVA before his departure to Dubai where he will join the Blues camp. He explained that, not at this stage, it cannot be said that the club’s license has been saved, but added that yesterday’s payment was very important.

Ivkov did not miss to answer a question about the possible outgoing transfer of Georgi Milanov. Levski’s boss said that everything has not been finalized yet, but it is expected to happen in the next few hours.

“We are now in a period of interim monitoring by UEFA related to our participation in European tournaments. It’s too complicated to explain in detail, but not only the payment was important, but also the whole negotiation process. We are now on the final right to repay a large part of the debts and to reschedule the others. We never had any illusions that Levski would pass a meter. Legacy is hard, but it’s a fact.”

‚ÄúNothing has been saved at this stage. It’s not just that payment – it’s a series of legal and factual actions, but it was important to make that payment. We are not yet in a license period. We have already cleared everything in the liabilities column, only our relations with the tax authorities remain. We are negotiating with them, but we had to get the necessary documents from UEFA so that the headquarters are fully aware of the situation. This is not an application for a license, rather we have explained why there is a delay in payments. The step yesterday was important so that the club does not have to accept a sanction”.

“Undoubtedly, the situation is much better than a year ago. We cleared the debts to football players and former coaches. We have a good prospect in the near future, but at the same time, if we fail to defend our position, Levski may suffer serious sanctions as a club.”

“During my presentation, we drew up a plan according to which Stoilov will deal with sports-technical issues, while I deal with administrative-legal ones. The idea is that we manage the club in such a way that everything is transparent, but also done professionally. It is not easy to manage an enterprise like Levski. We took over a de facto bankrupt club then. We’ve stabilized, but we’ve always said it’s just the first step. Our ultimate goal is to attract the attention of the business through the presentations on the field, which is a fact. There is interest from a very large international holding company, and as far as I know, this interest is still there and we are in the final stages. Until it happens, however, we cannot rest easy. The way back is short.”

“Milanov’s transfer should be finalized today. He came at a very difficult time for the club. There is a gentleman’s agreement between him and the club management if a certain offer arrives for him. I wish him success. The deal is not finalized as there are slight differences with the Arab club, but I expect everything will happen.”

“The other positive is that as a result of the work of Murray and his staff, we have many offers for our players. A year ago there was zero interest. Now Levski is not under such pressure to sell at unsatisfactory prices.”

“About the policy with the BFS, you can address questions to Nasko Sirakov. I don’t care who the president is. At the moment I am dealing with much more important things for the club. Fans can be optimistic about the club’s future.”

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