Ivelin Popov: They cannot treat Levski in this way – BG Football – efbet Liga

Levski striker Ivelin Popov spoke to the “House of Football” and DIEMA SPORT right after the meeting with Lokomotiv Plovdiv in the efbet Liga.

“I think it’s our fault. We could have closed the game already in the first half. It didn’t work out, which we’re very sorry for. Levski’s shirt has always weighed in time. Every Levski player is required to do his best. Always win , to score a lot of goals. We create a lot of chances. I hope that the mistakes will be cleared as soon as possible and we will start to win. As a reaction, movement, dynamics and aggression in the match, I think things worked out. Lokomotiv Plovdiv played with long balls, we pressed them well. The only bad thing is that we couldn’t get our chances,” he began.

“Levski can never be out of the fight for the title. There are a lot of matches. The points are looked at in the winter and in May. We used to make some calculations, you saw that they didn’t work out. We will look at the points in winter and summer. CSKA 1948 beat us in the first round as far as I remember, not only with the football on the pitch…there were other factors as well. I have observations, strange officiating by Gerena, but to me it seems a little cheeky already. It can’t be like that drive. They can’t behave this way with a club like Levski. I hope they take a note, because it can’t be like that,” shared the attacker.

“What Stanimir Stoilov said a few days ago – many strange decisions are made. We are only justifying ourselves with the VAR, so when we go to Europe and the European tournaments – you see what is happening. This is not the way for some presidents to stroke their egos and measure themselves at the local level, but abroad they are quite small. To show abroad how big they are. They are not big, I have worked for 10 years in Russia with really big people and they stand out,” Ivelin Popov concluded.

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