I’ve heard rumors about why Red Bull are so fast on the straights

I’ve heard rumors about why Red Bull are so fast on the straights

George Russell; photo: Mercedes

George Russell thinks about his development in Mercedes in the long term from 5 to 10 years, said the driver himself. In an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, the 24-year-old pilot said that so far in the current racing year, his team has made the most of its opportunities on the track.

“I’m not losing my mind about finishing in the top 5. But at the same time I’m not disappointed because I feel like we made the most of every opportunity. In one or two races, there was probably an opportunity to be a position or two ahead. In general, however, we achieve the maximum possible. The progress motivates us for the rest of the season. The desire to succeed is there because we see that we can achieve more. I did not come to Mercedes to achieve success immediately, the thinking is in the long term. Here I can get the best opportunities. I have my sights set on a 5- to 10-year window,” George explained.

When asked if he always compares himself to his team-mate, who is currently Lewis Hamilton, Russell said he is more focused on his own work

“In Formula 1 you have a lot of information, which is sometimes counterproductive. If a pilot relies too much on the numbers, he no longer drives instinctively. You have to use the data to paint a picture. In some ways, Lewis drives differently than I do. That’s why we have slightly different settings. You can’t just copy. You need to get the most out of the settings – what works for you. And instead of focusing on Lewis, I’m looking for what’s best for me in terms of tires. On the car. The engine.”

In the 2022 season, the drivers of Red Bull and Ferrari are at the head of the column. Russell explained what he believed to be the strong characteristics of the rivals.

“The cars of Red Bull are incredibly fast on the straights. They lead the battle with more maximum downforce. I’ve heard rumors about how they achieve it. Ferrari has more downforce than us and a faster car. There is nothing specific, it is generally better. They have some problems with bouncing. Paul Ricard, for example, could hear the car landing when Charles [Льоклер] it was bouncing,” Russell explained

“We sacrificed a lot of performance to solve the bouncing problem. Maybe even too much. We’ll probably have to put up with some shaking to get maximum performance. The same goes for Ferrari. Lewis and I will have to live with that for at least this season to make our car fast again.”

Russell also said that the culture in the Mercedes team is radically different from that at Williams, where he spent 3 years. Noting that the team from Grove went through an extremely difficult period, the Englishman nevertheless noted that his current team works at a completely different level.

“At Williams, there was no resource for some of the things to get to the car. Every time the designers wanted to do something, there was no budget for testing. And when such a vision is imposed, it diminishes the vision for innovation. Before (the limitation of budgets) at Mercedes they did everything. Whatever you’re wondering, the answer was, “Go for it!” If someone at Williams had suggested the DAS system, they’d probably have fired him because they’d have thought him crazy. But I believe Williams is moving forward,” concluded Russell.