Ivan, the son of Teddy Moskov, found a script of his grandmother Rada Moskova from 20 years ago in a drawer.

“Dog in a Drawer,” “Top of the Cherry,” author of many children’s books and plays rejected by NFC panel

Have you seen the movie “Sweetie from Junkies”?

Well, how could you have seen it, there is no such film yet. But there will be. It promises to be different because it will be produced by the Muscovy family. Screenwriter – Rada Moskova, director – her grandson Ivan Moskov, in the main role – his mother Maya Novoselska-Moskova.

And where is Teddy Moskov in this team, you ask.

Teddy would be the first critical viewer of the film and would help his son, but only if he asked.

Well, I hope that there really is such a film, if only it is not “but another time”, as little Mitashki used to say in “Dog in a Drawer”, but only about a bike. This film is based on the script of Rada Moskova.

How does it all begin?

One day, rummaging for some documents, Ivan finds in a drawer (again a drawer!) a script written by his grandmother Rada, unrealized for unclear reasons and remaining in the drawer for over 20 years. Its working title is “Don’t be afraid!”. It’s a line her father often told her as a child.

And which in the “Belene” concentration camp you often repeated in your mind

“I asked her if she had anything against realizing the script – explains Ivan. – She said that she doesn’t mind, but she doubts whether I will implement it. I took it that with these words she meant to encourage me to do so.”

“It’s not his qualities that his grandmother Rada doubts, but because he keeps making promises and doesn’t keep them,” clarifies his father, Teddy Moskov.

Shortly after finding his grandmother’s script, a close friend of Ivan’s tells him that the NFC has released a special children’s cinema session for the occasion

The 40th anniversary of the creation of “Dog in a Drawer”

and the miniseries “Knight of the White Lady” scripted by Haim Oliver.

Ivan Moskov “takes it into his own hands”, gathers a team and applies for a grant from the NFC at this session. The producer of the project is Orlin Ruevski, Ivan’s fellow operator. He was invited by phone and even before reading the script, he immediately agreed to participate in the certification. Although he has several other projects, Ruevski is preparing all the necessary documentation.

Ivan did not touch anything on the script. According to him, it is so “in shape” that there is no need for editing. As it was relevant 20 years ago, so it is relevant now.

“There is no era in the script, the human story in it can develop at any time. And possibly in order to modernize it, details from everyday life should be added…”

Will the dear viewer understand what time the action takes place? “Of course,” says Ivan, “but if I let him.” He does not want to lift the veil of what is happening inside him because of the notorious creative superstition.

But he hopes very much that his grandmother, who is in her 90s, is alive to see the finished film. She recently broke her hip joint and this aggravates her condition even more.

There is nothing autobiographical about its author, Rada Moskova, in the script. “This is a purely children’s story. The way children’s movies were before 1989,” says Ivan.

And he is right – at the time of the Soviet Union, children’s cinema was strong and brought the most film awards to Bulgaria.

His “father” is Dimitar Petkov, then Mariana Evstatieva-Biolcheva, Ivanka Hrabcheva followed in his path, besides Rada Moskova, Georgi Danailov, Kalina Kovacheva, the notorious Mormarev Brothers and others wrote scripts.

However, at the NFC session, the commission rejected the “Moscow” project and it did not receive funding. Ivan does not want to say who the members of the commission are, who gave some points to the project.

“There is really no problem with our application for this project – explains Ivan. – There is nothing wrong with having a competition, there is nothing wrong in this case. The only thing wrong with me is that a children’s cinema special session at the NFC is not judged by a children’s cinema special committee. And it is appreciated by filmmakers who are suitable for any kind of cinema, but not for children…”

Ivan gives the following comparison. Let’s imagine a Winter Olympics where there is an extraordinary figure skating competition. And it is judged by hockey referees. Cant happen. The sports, although winter, are radically different.

Ivan Moskov would agitate the head of the Ivan Todorov Film Center at future similar sessions for children’s cinema to include people related to the production of children’s cinema in the committees. Which professionally assess the projects. Otherwise the whole story is pointless. “This is my position”, sums up Ivan.

His father fully agrees with him. He

defines the incident as a mockery of his mother

She is part of the reasons for holding this emergency session, but her script has been rejected. But he, like Ivan, does not blame the members of the commission called by the NFC, because they were put there without having any idea about the specifics of children’s cinema.

Maya Novoselska, who is not from Novo Selo, but from Berkovitsa, intervenes in the conversation. We both turned out to be Torlaks from “this desolate Northwest”, as Radichkov used to say. Maya says that it would be wonderful for viewers to see a Rada Moskova film once again. “And to Ivan Moskov”, adds Teddy.

Maya was supposed to play one of the lead roles. “My grandmother told me that while she was writing the script for “Sladko ot janki”, she imagined my mother in the role of the herbalist,” says Ivan. Has he already thought about which actors he will invite to play? “I’ve thought about it, but I don’t want to tell them the names because they don’t know yet…” His mother laughs madly.

I say it would make for a very nice and smooth family transition. From Rada Moskova, for whom this film will perhaps be the swan song, her grandson Ivan takes over the script. And his mother plays in the film. “And some cousins ​​would play,” Maya jokes.

However, Teddy Moskov does not want to talk about “Sladko ot janki” as a swan song, he hopes that his mother will have many more days to live.

Moskov Sr. is adamant that he will not help Moskov Jr. in making the film because he is mature enough. And he continues in his typical style: “Thank God that Ivan is different from me and much more experienced in shaping a film story, I’m better at sketches.

And even if it turns out that Dumas-father controls Dumas-son

In addition, Ivan is raising two daughters, and I could not raise him, since he is one”. “Ivan is the wisest of us,” says his mother. “And the most sober,” adds his father.

Unlike him, Teddy has no intention of making a feature film. He has one – “Rhapsody in White”, which was well received by the audience, but now he is thinking about another project.

Following the example of Fellini, but without comparing with him, to make a feature-documentary about how “The Street” was started on BNT years ago. With puppeteers from the countryside and with puppeteers of Yulia Ognyanova’s class, how they get together, how they first create their puppet style, then the dramatic one, how they get to “The Street” and to world recognition. Including from “Monty Python”.

Have there been banned and suspended sketches from “The Street”? “No” – replies Teddy, and explains: “Never in any system – from the slave-owning to the communist, was there a prohibition that could not be overcome. There just haven’t been people willing to overcome it.”

At the moment, Teddy Moskov has many theater projects, and this is delaying the shooting of the film about “The Street”. There are also students he trains to become actors at the Luben Grois College. And for the future film, he will apply for financing from NFC or for co-production with BNT.

“He, Fellini, claims,

that his “Rome” is such a feature-documentary – Teddy Moskov continues on the topic. – Ettore Scola filmed his film “How strange to be called Fellini” on this principle. An actor sits with his back to the camera, but Fellini’s voice is heard. Such things – things that didn’t happen, but could happen, for us to play them… after so many years.”

And what is Maya Novoselska doing now? “I don’t concern myself!” – the actress is laconic and puts her little laugh into action.

Great time to stop pestering them with my questions.

Rada Moskova won the Liv Ullmann Award in Chicago

Rada Moskova was born on May 3, 1933 in Gabrovo. In 1960, he graduated from the Higher Medical Institute in Sofia and started working as a doctor in his hometown. Then for many years he also worked as a doctor in the Youth Theater. In 1982, he became a playwright at the Puppet Theater in Sofia, then moved to the Youth Theater and worked there again as a playwright until 1980. He is the author of seven puppet plays – “The Angry Letters”, “Where are you going, son?” The buzzer” and others.

He also publishes several books of poems for children – “Butterfly”, “Between the Minutes”, “Street Chatter” and others. As well as the storybook “Hey, horse!”. Her first collection of poems with poems for adults was seized from bookstores after a positive review by Petar Uvaliev on Radio “London”.

Her book “We, the Negeroites” received the “Dora Gabe” award. The films “Dog in a Drawer”, “Top of the Cherry”, “Hello Grandma”, “Tony”, “Talking with Birds” and “Dinosaur Lady” were filmed based on her scripts. Also the television play for adults “Adventure” with Tatiana Lolova.

He is the winner of awards from the SBFD, Varna, SBP, the Faculty of Journalism, etc. He won awards at international film festivals: in Moscow – for “Dog in a Drawer”, the special award of “Umbria Fiction” in Italy, “Liv Ullman” – for “Talking with Birds”.

In all of Rada Moskova’s films and books, the leading theme is the inner need to give and receive love.

She is a stylized clown

Maya Novoselska-Moskova was born on May 6, 1963 in Sofia. In 1985, he finished acting for puppet theater with Yulia Ognyanova and Elena Vladova in VITIZ “Krastyo Sarafov”.

She made her debut in the role of Myslichka za letene in “Some can, others can’t” – a composition by Teddy Moskov and Simon Schwartz in DKT – Dobrich. She worked in Smolyan, Municipal Theater “Sirius”, National Theater for Youth, First Private Theater “La Strada”, the theater in Dusseldorf, where she received the award for a rising star in Germany. He also performed in theaters in Bochum and Hamburg.

With the Army Theater he performed in many theater centers around the world – Moscow, Avignon, Jerusalem, Zurich, Leipzig, Dresden, etc. Participated in the productions “The Master and Margarita”, “Comedy of Servants”, “Phantasmagorias” in the Army Theater. With her participation, “Marmalade” was played for 11 seasons at the “Tear and Laughter” theater. Laureate of “Askeer 95” for the performance “Marmalade”. He received another “Askeer” for the one-man show “A small radio”. There is an award in the name of Yves Montand for the best actress in 2002 for her role in the film “Rhapsody in White”.

Winner of national and international awards.

Characteristic of her acting are clown-styled gestures, facial expressions, movements and her ability to use different speech registers. Her characters are a little funny and a little sad, they seem innocent, vulnerable and grotesque. In Talia Theater – Hamburg, she is called Sister Marx.

Shoots the official BG video for Eurovision

He was born in Sofia in 1987. From 2008 to 2012, he studied cinematography in the class of Prof. Venets Dimitrov, now deceased. During his studies, he directed all of his cinematography assignments and coursework. Since then, he directed short forms for singers and artists such as Beloslava, Ruth Koleva, Christian Kostov, Arabel Karayan and others. Filmed the first official video for “The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices” with the participation of Lisa Gerard from “Ded Ken Dance”, and the official video of Bulgaria for Eurovision. He made his debut with the short film “Untitled” in 2009 starring Ivan Burnev and edited by world-class editor Hervé Schneider (“Amelie Poulin”, “Delicatessen”). His latest project so far is a short film with Formula 1 champion David Coulthard and “Red Bull”.


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