Ivan Krastev: The war showed that there is a Ukrainian nation, and its father is Vladimir Putin

“One of the things is that a lot of Russians didn’t understand why the Soviet Union collapsed. For Putin, it became a personal tragedy. However this war ended, it showed that there is a Ukrainian nation that is different from the Russian one. The father of this nation, to a large extent, is Vladimir Putin. 10 years ago, 70% of Ukrainians had a positive attitude towards Russia. Today, over 80% have the negative.”

The world-famous Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev commented on this in “Face to Face”.

He recalled that at the beginning, Putin defined Zelensky’s government as an occupation regime, but the Russian armies were not welcomed as liberators.

“As a result of this war, Sweden and Finland join NATO and the border with Russia increases to 1,400 kilometers. We are talking about nuclear war in a way that has not been talked about in the last 45 years,” Krastev emphasized.

“Many fear that if the Ukrainian troops begin the liberation of Crimea specifically, not only Donbass, the risk of a nuclear war becomes enormous,” he added.

The political scientist predicts an escalation of military actions against the background of the approaching winter:

“We have to be ready for things we think are impossible. First it happened with the pandemic, and now with the war. You get used to everything – that’s natural. We must be prepared for a longer war. The messages are that there will be no peace talks.”


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