It’s World Hearing Day: take care of your ears

If it is common to have one’s sight checked and the eye has an important place in care systems, this is far from the case for the ear, which is much more rarely screened. On the occasion of World Hearing Day, health professionals, associations and public authorities promote the preservation of hearing capital.

In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 60% of hearing problems can be detected and treated early. For this, the WHO recalls that most health professionals can accompany or refer patients, starting with the attending physician.

To them, the organization will distribute a primary ear and hearing care training manual, along with a guide and numerous resources.

Top tips for saving your hearing

The aim is to attract the attention of governments and civil society groups. This translates into actions aimed at encouraging the former to integrate primary ear and hearing care into training programmes, sensitizing primary health care providers (health workers and doctors) on the needs of people with hearing loss and ear diseases, but also to warn people about the importance of ear and hearing care.

To keep your ears healthy, it is recommended to put earplugs in noisy environments, to have your hearing checked regularly and to consult your doctor at the slightest problem. Conversely, it is not recommended to use cotton swabs, to swim or bathe in dirty water, to share headphones or to listen to your music too loudly.

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