It’s time for a female Prime Minister of…

Teodora Stefanova is known for her accurate forecasts in our country and around the world.

He gets the gift of seeing the future after an 18-day coma following a serious accident. She is called Silvio Berlusconi’s fortune teller, as the famous Italian politician highly values ​​the prognostic skills of the Bulgarian woman.

– Mrs. Stefanova, what are the chances of forming a cabinet in the 48th parliament with the first mandate?

– There will be a government that will be non-standard, possibly expert, a government of compromises, of hard-to-reach points of contact between the parties.

No one wants to betray their voters, but the parties must realize that sitting at the negotiating table in the name of responsibility to national interests is not betrayal. Party leaders need to bury the tomahawks. Diplomacy and reason are needed to find a solution, to form a consensus government.

– Who will be the key figures in this process?

– Interesting events await us until the end of the year. Bulgaria is under pressure from an energy crisis and a looming recession. People are tired of crises and elections. Against this background of general dissatisfaction and the need to urgently solve pressing problems

three generals will play a key role

– Rumen Radev, Boyko Borisov and Stefan Yanev. President Radev will play an important role in utilizing the chances for a cabinet. It is very possible that gen. Yanev to become the unifying candidacy and be the proposal for the next prime minister – as a possibility of the third term.

There will also be a woman raised as a unifying figure. The female class may turn out to be a saving option for our country. I am convinced that one day we will have a woman prime minister and then a president.

– What will be the duration of a possible cabinet in the 48th parliament?

– Both the government and the parliament will have a short term of action.

– I mean will we go to elections again soon?

– Yes, elections next year are very likely. We may go to elections two or even three times next year, until we choose the real leaders, capable of doing what is necessary for the prosperity of Bulgaria in various spheres – economy, health care, culture. Unfortunately, the uncertain political situation in our country is currently depriving us of fresh money from outside, as it scares away investors. That’s why we need to choose the right people at the helm. The sooner we do it, the better.

However, I do not see a change in the political model – we will not become a presidential republic.

– When will we adopt the euro?

– Yes, we will enter the eurozone and adopt the euro in 2024. “Vazrazhdane” will want a referendum on switching to the euro, which will be positive for the new currency. We will also give weapons to Ukraine.

– What phase is the war in Ukraine entering?

– The war is escalating, entering a very dangerous phase.

President Putin will be suspended, there will be a change of his regime.

In addition to the West, internal discontent against the president in Moscow is also growing. Putin will want to follow through on his threat to push the nuclear button, but they won’t let him. This will happen with the intervention of NATO, G-7, Israel, Turkey, China. After all, Beijing will turn out to be the most profitable from the war – it will take advantage of the shaky situation in the world at the moment to take Taiwan.

– Where is Italy going after the election of its first female prime minister?

– With the mandate of Giorgia Meloni, the prediction I gave a long time ago came true – Italy will have a female prime minister. I hope she succeeds – she is a combative, consistent and responsible politician, and she has the firm support of respected politicians such as Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini, whose parties “Forza Italia” and “Northern League” are coalition partners in the new government of the country.

We are similar to the Italians in mentality, we should follow their example. As soon as the statesmen in Italy managed to swallow their ego, the politicians in our country can do it too. We need to find the right leaders. This is possible – the example in Italy shows it. Bulgaria will move forward when there are leaders who can take responsibility.


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