It’s not just Westworld: The Series that was surprisingly discontinued

The termination of “Westworld” (Westworld) surprised many. While the HBO sci-fi series failed to reach the level of its first season, expectations were that we would still see the end of the story, but no – there will be no fifth (and planned final) season.

In this case, the reason can be found both in the ratings – the usual factor for ending series, and in the high price of the production. She hits back at Warner Bros.’ new policy. Discovery for thrift and betting on safer franchises.

However, history remembers other significant series that were canceled before the plot was completed, and not because of low viewership.

Shows that had loyal audiences and, in some cases, critical acclaim, but the world situation, a clash of egos, or other, often economic reasons, led to their untimely television demise.

Here are some such examples:

“Deadwood” – because of an argument on the phone

Photo: HBO

Sometimes it happens that even one of the greatest series in history, as many define “Deadwood” (Deadwood), is canceled despite excellent reviews, 8 Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.

The HBO production tells the story of the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, in 1870. A place that is still the Wild West and in which the destinies of several characters intertwine in various ways fascinating enough to catch viewers in their webs.

Series creator David Milch wants “Deadwood” to last five seasons, and after the third, there is even internal approval to begin work on a fourth. No one expects that there won’t be one.

Vulture – based on interviews with witnesses – says that Milch wanted 12 episodes for the fourth season, and HBO offered him to do only 6 or 8, which he rather rudely refused during a phone call. A consensus is never reached, and hasty reactions lead to the end of the hit series.

Mooted plans that the story could be completed with 2 TV movies never came to fruition… until 2018 when work began on Deadwood: The Movie. It appeared on HBO the following year and featured most of the main characters a decade later, closing the story.

GLOW – because of the pandemic

Photo: Netflix

There is no such happy ending for GLOW.

The Netflix comedy drama about a women’s wrestling organization had the misfortune of being a series that requires close physical contact between the actors (it’s wrestling, after all) in the time of COVID-19. Thus, neither the good reviews from critics nor the desire of all involved to continue it proved to be enough to save it.

In September 2019, the streaming platform actually renewed GLOW for a fourth and final season. At the beginning of next year, the shooting has already started, but then the pandemic comes.

In October 2020, after months of uncertainty about how the TV industry would adjust to the coronavirus, it became clear that a fourth season was ultimately dropped as an option. GLOW, already an expensive production, has become even more expensive to make if all the requirements to protect against COVID are met. It was also not acceptable for Netflix to release the season until 2022, which was the realistic forecast, given that the third season was watched by viewers in 2019.

“Angel” – because of its creator

Photo: Warner Bros.

Angel began in 1999 as a spinoff of the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer and focuses on the eponymous Angel, a vampire whose human soul has been returned to him as a curse and plagues him with guilt. In the show, created by “Buffy” creator Joss Whedon, Angel works as a private investigator in Los Angeles while helping others “find their souls” and struggling with his own vampiric nature.

The series has been running for five seasons and there are plans for more, although ratings have not been steady. In fact, the more severe drop in ratings comes when The WB Network telecasts begin changing broadcast days. However, in the fifth season, viewers again become more.

However, in February 2004, the television announced that there would be no sixth season of “Angel”. Joss Whedon himself posted a message on a fan site in which he compared ending the show to “a healthy person having a heart attack.” The fan response has been solid – sending letters, online petitions, even magazine ads in the hope that another TV station will continue the series.

Later, some interesting information comes out. Head writer David Fury has stated that Joss Whedon pressured the TV network for an early renewal for a sixth season, and it was this pressure that led to the decision to terminate, a claim that others have confirmed.

Freaks and Geeks – because of different viewpoints of creators and bosses

Photo: NBC

The comedy teen drama tells the story of a group of high school students in Detroit in the early 1980s, with the idea being to show the “sad, funny unfairness” of youth life. Among the actors in the 1999 show are well-known names today such as Seth Rogan, James Franco and Jason Segel (Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother”).

However, Freaks and Geeks was stopped on the 12th out of 18 episodes of the first season. Here, low ratings exist as a reason, although 7 million viewers per episode average for some other series is a dream. Just at that time, NBC hits such as “Frasier” and “Friends” gathered more than 14 million viewers in front of the televisions.

Also a factor in the ratings was the fact that the show was on the same time slot as the then-popular Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show.

Not least of all the termination is that the series creators and the television network have a different vision for Freaks and Geeks. After a change in the management of NBC, the new boss could not accept the idea of ​​”ordinary teenagers” because he himself had been to a private school. NBC insists that the characters are “cool,” though the title itself suggests that the story isn’t about such students. And so the scissor catches up with the show.

The actors will still be paid

Young Justice – because of… discontinued toy line

Photo: Warner Bros. / HBO

Here’s an animated series that enjoyed a solid audience on Cartoon Network, but was canceled for financial reasons. Young Justice (“Youth League”) focuses on young DC heroes – Superboy, Robin, etc.

Already the first two seasons are problematic because there are several months’ breaks between some of the episodes. In early 2013, it became clear that there would be no Young Justice. The fans are not satisfied – they even start campaigns to fund the show, but they lead to nothing.

The reason given in the years since is rather unusual – the toy company Mattel has decided that it will no longer sell figures of the Young Justice characters. The decision, according to some, was also dictated by the financial failure of the film “The Green Lantern” with Ryan Reynolds.

The catch – Mattel are the ones financing the animated show.

“No one has stopped it. It was not renewed [за нов сезон], because the toy line that paid for the series failed. No toys = no money/budget = no series,” wrote Jeff Wiseman, one of the show’s creators.

Still, fan discontent is working here, and in 2016 it was announced that there would be a third season. It appears in 2019, 6 years after Young Justice ended. There’s a fourth in 2021, but it’s shaping up to be the last given Warner Bros.’ new austerity policies.

Constantine This has nothing to do with the sugar-coated Hollywood version of 2005, starring Keanu Reeves. The comic book series from the DC Universe definitely won fans precisely with the introduction of the magician and exorcist John Constantine - a British man with the charm of a wet, beaten street dog, but one of the most capable fighters against the demons trying to enter our world . Together with the mysterious Zed, his immortal friend Chas and the angel Manny, he faces a series of trials, each of which could open a very literal Hell on Earth. Matt Ryan seems to have been born for this role, and the action is delivered lightly and effortlessly. In other words, perfect for unwinding after work. But after just one season, NBC cut it due to low ratings (normal for a Friday night series). Even numerous petitions and fan letters failed to revive the series. However, the character is alive and kicking in the CW series Legends of Tomorrow.


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