It’s all about money: How Dortmund’s young prodigy’s parents revealed he’s not so young

18-year-old Yusufa Mukoko found himself at the center of a scandal. His parents claim he is older than he claims to be. If true, a number of records that the talent of Borussia Dortmund broke not only for the “yellow and black”, but also for the German national team, will have to be canceled.

Yusufa Mukoko’s extraordinary talent has been talked about for some time. Already at 15, the youngster broke all records at the junior level. At 16, he made his debut for Dortmund in the Bundesliga, after which he became the youngest goalscorer in the history of the German elite. What’s more, no one at such a young age (16 years and 28 days) had scored in any of the Top 5 leagues for over a hundred years.

At the end of last year, Mukoko also made his debut for the Bundesliga. He also received a call-up for the 2022 World Cup, and in Qatar he became the youngest player to play for the German national team at world championships.

After Erling Holland left Borussia for Manchester City in the summer, Mukoko was given more space to perform. And the young striker has made the most of his chance, with six goals and four assists in 14 Bundesliga appearances this season. Nothing all that impressive, but more than commendable for an 18-year-old.

Mukoko’s contract with Dortmund expires at the end of the campaign and already the German with Cameroonian roots is among the most wanted players for the summer. Mukoko obviously knows his price and wants a serious sum to re-sign with the “yellow and blacks”, but just then a serious stain appeared on his reputation – his father came out and announced that Yusufa was lying about his age; the boy is not 18 years old but a young man of 22 years old.

Mukoko started to be talked about in 2017. Back then, we all admired the 12-year-old black boy making a splash in Dortmund’s academy. In his first season with the U12 team, Mukoko scored 40 goals in 28 games.

Overall, Yusuf’s stats are out of this world. For the under-17 team, the forward has 90 goals and 16 assists in 56 games. His development was immediately noticed and Mukoko was called up to the under-19 team. There he also flourished and in his debut he impressed with as many as six goals.

More or less then, the first doubts about the young man’s age appeared. However, Mukoko was not born in Germany, but in the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé, where it is much easier to forge a birth certificate. “Bild” wrote that the boy’s grandfather is almost 70 years old, and Yusufa himself did not look 12 when he was screwing boys five or six years older than him.

“Immediately after his birth, I registered him at the German embassy in the capital of Cameroon; we have a German birth certificate – explained Yusufa’s father three years ago. – There is no way the boy is older, because his mother – Marie, is only 28 years old .”

The German Football Association confirmed that there was no doubt about Mukoko’s age and announced that it considered 20 November 2004 to be the player’s official date of birth.

But the story continued to unfold. Recently, a journalist from “Bild” talked about a document that proved that Yusufa is not actually 18, but 22. The most interesting thing is that the document was presented to the newspaper not by anyone, but by the football player’s father .

It also makes it clear that the attacker’s real name is Yusufah Momamadu.

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Outside of the successes on the football field, Yusufah has serious problems in his personal life. When he was 10 years old, the dark-skinned football player was adopted by a German couple. After the first fatter contract with Borussia and Nike, his parents stopped working and bought a spacious house in Hamburg. They were counting on their adopted son to help them after he became rich from football, but Yusufa has not spoken to his parents for the second year because of a scandal between them.

The two manage to find one million euros from somewhere to pay for the house, but they still dream of some of Yusufa’s money. Showing the real birth certificate, as the father claims, is only the last fact to prove it.

After turning 18 (according to the official census, not the one from the birth certificate the father submitted), Mukoko stopped living with her parents. The youngster separated, began to live independently, and after reaching the age of majority, he does not need a parental signature when he has to conclude a new contract with a club or sponsor.

That is why his new contract in Borussia caused so much controversy. Yusufah wanted the contract extension commission to be paid to him and his agent, not his adoptive parents. At “Signal Iduna Park” they continue to think about what to do with Mukoko – on the one hand, the club is not ready to pay the amount requested by Yusuf and his agent, but, on the other hand, they risk losing the talent for no money in the summer.

The “yellow and black” are ready to offer a salary of five million euros per year, as well as a bonus for signing a new contract. But the attacker’s entourage believes that this is not enough. In addition, according to Sky Sports, Yousufa and his team expect to receive a commission of €10 million for the signing.

Meanwhile Barcelona licks impatiently, watching the inability of both parties to understand each other. The Catalans do not hide their desire to attract Mukoko. According to Dario Sport, this will be Camp Nou’s response to Endric’s transfer to Real Madrid.

Considering Barcelona’s financial difficulties, however, Yusuf’s transfer cannot happen in the winter. The only option before the Catalans is to wait for the summer, when Mukoko’s current contract will expire.

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The nouveau riche from Newcastle however, they are ready to spoil Barca’s plans. It is said that the “Magpies” can withdraw 30 million euros as early as January and offer a salary of 9 million euros per season to Mukoko. ChelseaManchester united, Tottenham and Liverpool have also joined the queue.

Mukoko himself does not hide his desire to play for Barca. But with his transfer to the Camp Nou, the striker will have to accept that he will not be taking the highest possible salary. According to “Dario Sport”, Mukoko and his team are demanding a salary of seven million euros per year and the guarantee that the striker will be a key player for the team. But Barca cannot guarantee all of this. Even less the second – Robert Lewandowski may be 34 years old, but he has a contract until the summer of 2026.

However, the scandal blown up by “Bild” could trip up Mukoko and leave Dortmund as the only option. According to the Daily Mail, Chelsea and Newcastle are ready to withdraw from the race for his signature if it turns out that the footballer is indeed 22.

The previous time there were doubts about Yusuf’s age, the German Football Association (DFB) stood behind him and confirmed the information given to him by Borussia Dortmund as correct. Recently, however, when asked by the Daily Mail on the subject, the DFB responded as follows: “We do not comment on speculation.” Which fueled the rumors surrounding Mukoko’s age even more.

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