It will stand a hundred miles from the Potomac

The entry into service of the Admiral Gorshkov multi-purpose frigate, armed with hypersonic Zircon cruise missiles, will make anyone who poses a direct threat to Russia think twice, said Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, quoted by TASS .

“The main gift for the new year with a combat set of missiles “Zircon” took yesterday to the shores of the NATO countries. A thousand kilometers of hypersonic range with a speed of mach 9 and the ability to use any charge with a guarantee to overcome any anti-aircraft defense. Yes it is about 100 miles away (about 160 km – note ed.) from the coast, closer to the Potomac River (b.b. on its northern shore is the capital of the USA, Washington). So rejoice! It can make anyone who poses a direct threat to Russia and our allies think twice,” Medvedev wrote in Telegram.

There will never be forgiveness for Russia’s enemies and their supporters, Medvedev stressed. “We will speak to you in the language of force, since you do not understand any other. And we will release even more modern weapons. We will beat with it the Nazi carrion that you have created in the 21st century. We will avenge every criminal for every citizen of our country killed Medvedev concluded.

The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council defined as an example of cynicism and moral degradation the address of the US Embassy in Moscow, in which American diplomats expressed solidarity with those “who strive to create a more peaceful future”, reported BTA.

“This is the height of cynicism and the ultimate limit of moral degradation. The United States is spending tens of billions on the war in Ukraine, supplying its weapons on a gigantic scale, killing thousands of people with foreign hands. This is cynicism beyond the scope of normal,” Medvedev stressed.

“This fruitless delusion no longer works for anyone. And you won’t get an answer for it in the silence of the offices,” he added.


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