“It was 1998, and I felt like a science experiment”

From the premiere of the first episodes of “Sex and the City” to the much weaker sequel “And Just Like That”, fans of the series have not stopped looking for similarities between the heroines in the series and the actresses who played them.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis share some of their characters’ passions, but Cattrall seems to be the one whose life decisions correspond most closely with Samantha Jones.

Cattrall is a woman who is confident in her appearance, despite being in her 60s. She continues to work and does not feel like half a person because she does not have a husband or children.

Recently on the Women’s Prize For Fiction podcast, she revealed that her decision to give up motherhood was conscious and well thought out.

The star we all know as Samantha Jones has been facing a dilemma months after getting married for the third time and shortly before accepting the role on Sex and the City.

Cattrall was then 41, with a low chance of conceiving naturally and a career she was not yet ready to give up. With her husband during this period, the musician Mark Levinson, they had to consider whether to undergo conception procedures, leaving everything else aside.

“It was 1998, and I felt like a science experiment. My partner had to be available at a specific time for us to have sex. There was no way I could go through all of this and be healthy physically, emotionally and mentally, working 19 hours a day,” the actress tells the podcast.

During this period, the script for the first season of “Sex and the City” appeared on Cattrall’s desk, which also came with the persistent desire of the producers to include her in the series.

“So I was 41 and I had to make a decision about my well-being. I love my job, it’s my passport to independence and freedom. And in my early 40s, the amount of scripts I was getting had dropped by half . I no longer thought of myself as capable of playing young women. The system was and still is very much like that,” says Cattrall.

Faced with this crossroads, she decides that there is no way to dedicate herself to her role and follow the doctor’s recommendations to avoid stress and busyness in order to get pregnant.

“Sex and the City” required filming at any time of the day, and after the filming of the episodes, the long promotion phase of the series began.

“It’s been a lot of fun, but it’s been overwhelming. I’ve enjoyed exploring new territory. But I knew there was no way I could have kids and be on this show,” Kim Cattrall said.

In the podcast, she commented and refused to join the failed third film in the series, saying that she had read a lot of criticism from fans.

“A woman wrote to me: I work in a bank and I don’t like certain people there, I don’t like the hours, I don’t like this, I don’t like that, but I do it. Do it too. I read it and thought: Oh my God, why people make themselves so miserable,” says Kim Cattrall.


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