It cannot be good for my heart to take such risks. Monza has six turns, here there are 23!

Fernando Alonso; photo: Alpin

Fernando Alonso finished fifth in qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix, but he wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about the session. Alpin, however, looks as if it has some advantage in its battle with McLaren for fourth place in the constructors’ standings. Both teams have introduced new components for this race, but they are working for the Enston team, while the pace for the Woking team is not quite up to expectations.

“It was definitely very stressful. On the verge of being unpleasant, because the levels of risk and tension are quite high. It was a very brave decision to put almost all of us on dry tires in Q3. It turned out to be correct – each successive lap was faster and faster, but from corner to corner I was hoping that the car would stay on the track, even if it was a little drier than the last time I went there. I hope the race will be calmer.”

“Such pressure is not fun when you are not fighting for the title. And it can’t be good for my heart to take such risks with such little reward in the end,” laughed Alonso

“I’ll always ride like this, even if I’m 20th,” continued the two-time world champion more seriously. “It’s just that this qualification is more busy than any other during the year. Monza has six turns, here there are 23! It’s also a street track and you have to be completely confident in the car. And for some reason I’m always fast in Singapore.”

Alonso’s team-mate Esteban Ocon remained 18th in qualifying due to a brake problem. McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo recorded the sixth and 17th times. The Briton was not particularly satisfied with the behavior of his car with the latest innovations. According to him, the conditions on the track – the asphalt was drying out, but by the end of the session there were damp and wet spots here and there on the surface.

“The introduction of the car was not a very big step forward and with the new elements. Management has changed in a way that I don’t particularly like. But our current work is more forward-looking than this particular weekend. From that perspective, things are going well,” Norris explained

“Otherwise, our qualifying ranking is great. And unexpectedly. On Friday, it would never have crossed my mind that I would be sixth. If it had been completely dry or completely wet we could have been significantly further back. In the end, we achieved a good position on a track that is difficult to overtake,” he added.

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