ISW: The Air Force is deep in the enemy’s rear, liberated 400 sq km in two days

ISW: The Air Force is deep in the enemy’s rear, liberated 400 sq km in two days

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported the advance of Ukrainian armed forces in the Kharkiv region. According to American analysts, the VSU advanced by at least 20 kilometers and liberated about 400 square kilometers in the last two days – September 6 and 7.

The data is from the new ISW report.

“Ukrainian forces penetrated at least 20 km deep into Russian-controlled territory north of Izyum towards Kupyansk and on September 6-7 recaptured about 400 sq km. Russian sources claim that Ukrainian forces are advancing southeast along E40 and N26 towards Izyum and “Kupyansk. Geolocation shows that Ukrainian forces have also advanced in the northeast direction along the T2110 highway from Balakleya, Varbovka, Yakovenkovo, Volokhov Yar (at the intersection of T2210 and E40), as well as towards Shevchenkovo,” the experts report.

In addition, analysts note that Russian sources have already begun to report that Ukrainian sabotage and intelligence groups have conducted operations in Bila Kolodyaz, Volchansk and Gnilitsa, “deep in the Russian rear”, east of the Seversky Donets River.

In the last 24 hours, the Ukrainian Air Force destroyed two Su-25 aircraft, Ka-52 and Mi-24 helicopters, as well as five enemy unmanned aerial vehicles.

Since February 24, the armed forces of Ukraine have already liquidated about 51,250 Russian occupiers (+640 in the last 24 hours), the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced this morning.

“The enemy suffered the greatest losses in the direction of Donetsk,” the report says.