Is Tom Holland too young to play James Bond?

Spider-Man himself is rumored to be in the running for the role of Bond, but actor Tom Holland may be too young to play James Bond. Since the end of Daniel Craig’s time as agent 007, various actors have been lined up for the role of James Bond in the highly anticipated “Bond 26”. Everyone from Reggie Jean Page to Henry Golding, Idris Elba and Henry Cavill were reportedly considered for the role.

The latest name to be linked to the new version of Agent 007 in Bond 26 is Tom Holland, the Marvel star who played Peter Parker in the last Spider-Man film as well as other MCU installments. Holland is eyeing the role and may already be in the running for it, though nothing official has been announced by the actor or the producers of the franchise.

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However, the question of the actor’s age could prove problematic for Tom Holland’s chances as James Bond.

According to bookies in August 2022, the Spider-Man star is currently at odds of 40/1 to land the role, but the huge age gap between Holland and the latest James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, could make that casting choice difficult for the series. James Bond has changed faces many times over the years, but while Sean Connery was a little younger and Roger Moore a little older, most of the actors who played the role were approaching their 40s.

At 26, Tom Holland is far younger than the average James Bond actor, who was around 38 years old.

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