Is there an error in “Voice of Bulgaria”? They point to another for the victories…

The ninth and so far last episode of the bTV show “The Voice of Bulgaria” ended with a victory for Jacqueline Tarakchi. However, according to viewers of the show, the presenter Ivan Tishev screwed Sonya Mihailova, who was considered the favorite.

After Sonja’s performance, he asked her fans to vote for her via text, but instead of announcing her number, he announced Jacqueline’s. Thus, Sonya subsequently dropped out, and Tarakchi grabbed the grand prize, “Weekend” writes.

It is not clear whether Tishev’s mistake was accidental or according to a pre-written script to replace the viewer’s vote, in which the winner of the show is determined.

In this extremely important stage of the show, Sonia performed the “anthem” of the Bulgarian emigrants “Ya kaji mi, oblache, le bialo”. Her coach Galena noted that this song will undoubtedly excite all Bulgarians and expects many votes for Sonia.

Despite her thrilling performance, however, she became the first to be eliminated from this stage of the competition, finishing in fourth place, despite being a crowd favorite throughout.

The other one who dropped out was Alexander Petrov – also from the Galena team.

Jacqueline Taracchi from Dara’s team and rocker Kaloyan Nikolov from Lubo Kirov’s team reached the final. Jacqueline won.

After the incident, a real storm of negative comments and requests to review the results broke out on the official page of the show. Fans of the show are calling for it to be shut down and even calling them frauds. According to one of the viewers, if the mistake was not intentional, it is proper to revise the results.

And although the criticism of the show does not stop, the case is considered closed and the winner is Jacqueline Taracci. However, many cannot accept her as a real winner, as according to them everything is pre-staged.


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