Is the punishment of Ilian Iliev illegal?  – BG football

Is the punishment of Ilian Iliev illegal? – BG football

A serious paradox accompanies the punishment imposed by the BFS disciplinary committee on the head coach of Black Sea Ilian Iliev for 4 matches. The sanction is from the meeting of the 9th round against Septemvri in Sofia. It turns out that for one violation, the specialist was sanctioned as many as 2 times. Once he was punished for 1 match for the received yellow card, shown by the head referee Dimitar Dimitrov, and a second time for the exact same offense he received a sanction described by the delegate in his report and suspended for 3 more matches. And this is clearly unfair.

Another curious thing, if one looks at the official wording of the punishment imposed ….

“For using offensive words towards officials, on the basis of Article 34, paragraph 1, item 2, item 6, item 9, proposal 3 of the DP /2022/2023/ – DK punishes Ilian Iliev – senior coach of PFC “Black Sea” Varna with a ban on performing functions for 3 meetings and a fine in the amount of BGN 2000.

Points 5 and 6 in Article 34 refer to a red card that the coach did not receive, and point 9 does not.

That is why Ilian Iliev may feel seriously harmed by the decision of the Disciplinary Commission and it is proper for the Appellate Court to cancel this punishment.

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