Is the end of an era coming? Zverev with sensational news about Nadal – Tennis

Due to his serious injuries in recent years, Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal is increasingly being asked if he will soon retire from the court.

Especially since Roger Federer and Serena Williams decided to end their careers. The Spaniard does not want to talk about it publicly. However, his colleague Alexander Zverev sensationally announced before the start of the Australian Open that Rafa’s retirement is imminent.

“Rafael Nadal, unfortunately, will retire at Roland Garros. I don’t wish it on him, but I think he will have a great tournament, potentially win it and then we will say goodbye,” Zverev told Eurosport, quoted by Trud.

Rafa is the first seed at this year’s AO, given that Carlos Alcaraz is not there, and his meeting with Novak Djokovic is not foreseen until the final.

Nadal currently has one more Grand Slam title than Novak, and he also recently spoke about the competition for who will go down in history as the greatest tennis player:

“I don’t get bored with discussions about the greatest. My attitude towards him has not changed all these years. In the end, there will only be one greatest. It will not be easy to determine who it is, because everyone has their own arguments. again, two of the three of us are still active tennis players. For me, the most important thing is that both Federer, Djokovic and I have done much more than we dreamed of and made history. Of course I want to be the greatest. This it’s not my obsession, but I want to”.

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