Is Putin seriously ill? Israel treats him with the world’s only…

The Russian political scientist Olga Kurnosova commented on the information of the Ukrainian intelligence that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is seriously ill and may even die soon.

On the air of the “Argument” program, she noted that the Kremlin would not confirm such information, but there are curious facts that indicate possible problems.

“In principle, there can be no open reaction to this information on the part of the Kremlin. It is worth looking at the footage that the Kremlin released – such as Putin’s attendance at the Christmas service (ed. note. Putin was alone and no outsiders were allowed in)… It is not enough that this service is for one person, but it is completely incomprehensible when did this service take place… That is, it was very easy to film this scene a year ago or on any other day,” Kurnosova said.

According to the political scientist, it is now difficult to assess what exactly is happening with Putin. However, Kurnosova has inside information about his treatment. “It seems to me that Putin is really not feeling very well. But the fact is that he is receiving very good treatment. As my Israeli friends told me, Netanyahu’s return to power as Prime Minister of Israel restored Putin’s relationship with Israeli medicine , which relationship was severed when Netanyahu left power. He is given special drugs that take into account his genetic code, his DNA, these are very expensive drugs, they can only be made in Israel. Now this treatment has again become available to Putin Kurnosova said, reports

She also said that after the death of the dictator, Russia will face a difficult period of transit. The elites of the aggressor country did not agree on everything in advance. There is still no clear favorite to succeed Putin. Ukrainian military intelligence is confident that Putin has cancer. At the beginning of January, Kirilo Budanov expressed hope that the Kremlin dictator would die soon and before the end of the war.


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