Iranian woman protested, stripped naked (Video)

“My body – my choice” is the title of the video of the Iranian woman Jackie Singh.

In the clip, shared on Twitter, the woman sheds her hijab, which covers her body and face, and then shows off looks in various outfits that highlight her body’s beauty and curves.

At the end of the video, Jackie remains completely naked, a demonstration of the lack of right of women in Iran to do with their bodies as they see fit, which by definition is a fundamental right of every human being.

“My body – my choice” is not just a modern trend in social networks, but a modern revolution. Struggle for a normal life, equal human rights and independence. A fight for the salvation of mothers, the women in Iran who until that moment were humiliatingly treated as objects. A struggle for fundamental changes, on which depends whether the next generations of girls in Iran will carry the heavy burden of oblivion on their shoulders.

During the demonstrations in Iran, many women cut off their hair as a sign of sympathy. Even a Swedish MEP cut her hair during a speech in Strasbourg.

Leading French actresses, including Juliette Binoche and Isabelle Huppert, also cut locks.

Poets, writers and journalists fueled the wave of approval of what was happening in Iran and further encouraged the protesters to fight.

What is happening in Iran will remain in history, it is the face of the transition to cardinal changes. The death of Amini, who was arrested in Tehran on September 13 for “improper clothing”, is an occasion to shout “My body – my choice!”, an occasion for the demands for more freedom, equality and an end to religious restrictions not to remain just a dream, it says bg-voice.


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