iPhone 15 Pro: a leak suggests a new design

The iPhone 15 Pro continues to reveal itself. As the months pass, leaks start sketching out the main features of Apple’s next high-end smartphone. Our colleagues from 9to5Mac obtained specific design information for the 2023 Pro model. Artist Ian Zelbo then produced a 3D version of the phone blueprints.

A rounded design, a USB-C port

To produce the iPhone 15 Pro design, Ian Zelbo relied on computer-generated blueprints provided by Apple to a Chinese case maker. Sent several months before the official release of the device, these files are necessary to anticipate the development of ancillary products before the marketing of the iPhone. The design of the device could change quite subtly to display rounder shapes. The corners will notably be curved, as is already the case for the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Handling could thus be facilitated.

The glass and the edges of the screen would also be slightly curved to produce a more harmonious whole. On the technical side, the Lightening port should finally disappear, in favor of USB-C, pushed by European legislation; Apple, however, had the option of waiting another year, but finally anticipated the switch to the European standard.

New buttons?

The iPhone 15 Pro could, in line with the brand’s previous high-end smartphones, appeal to photography enthusiasts and professionals. The already prominent photo sensor on the latest models could grow even bigger. The bump, referred to as “massive” by the designer, could correspond to the arrival of new, larger, three-layer sensors. Properly boosted by the firm’s in-house algorithm, these new modules should provide images of a quality still unmatched at Apple. A bump increasingly important which could lead hull builders to produce even thicker protections.

Finally, according to plans, the Cupertino company could develop static volume buttons. A simple press of the switch located on the edge would control the sound. Finally the “mute” button could appear in a round and smaller version. Minor changes which would however strengthen the overall solidity and sealing of the device.

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