iPad 10th generation: Apple forces the purchase of an adapter to use your Pencil

The Cupertino company has just refreshed its range of tablets with the addition of a new iPad Pro equipped with an M2 chip and a brand new entry-level iPad. But a little hiccup, the latter forces its users to purchase an additional adapter to be able to use the only compatible stylus.

An innovation that requires adjustments

The iPad gains this year a new design, more in line with the Air and Pro models, a new screen, a better camera, a USB-C port, 5G and of course a new price positioning going hand in hand with all these innovations. But for this model, Apple has apparently decided to offer us a little quirk regarding compatibility with different styluses.

Indeed, this new tablet with a modernized design is not entitled to compatibility with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil stylus which is magnetically charged on compatible tablets. Instead, the 10th generation iPad sticks to unique compatibility with Apple’s first-generation stylus. Nothing terribly annoying in itself, except that in the meantime the switch to USB-C has made pairing and charging the old stylus simply impossible. This one still using the Lightning connector, it must be connected directly to the tablet to be recharged. So unless you equip yourself with an additional USB-C to Pencil adapter, which adds 10 € to the bill, no solution on the horizon.

A conscious choice by Apple

This type of limitation will surely give food for thought to the brand’s detractors who are often just waiting for a false step on its part to fall on it. It must be said that certain choices, which may seem avoidable, are ultimately a concern for consistency of range or quite simply an economic logic for the company.

However, if you’re starting from scratch, don’t worry: Apple now includes this adapter directly when you buy a first-generation Apple Pencil. But if you already have one and want to keep your equipment, you will have to equip yourself.

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