Investigations began a year ago in the United States

I am pleased with the improving cooperation with the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Security Agency. The investigation against Nexo proved the improvement of our work with them. This was stated in the “Offensive” studio by NOVA News the deputy director of NSLS Yasen Todorov.

“There is no way I can give any more information on the Nexo case than what was given at the NSLC briefing, because any word I say could interfere with the investigation, and it will be quite complex and I assume lengthy. I hope that the high qualification of investigators, which they have acquired through special cybercrime training, and the logistical assistance provided by our Euro-Atlantic partners will enable us to conduct a quality investigation,” he pointed out.

According to him, it is a well-known fact that investigations against the Nexo group began more than a year ago in the USA. “She is being investigated in New York state and seven other states for illegal financial operations and defrauding investors,” he said. And he added: “I can only say that there are four accused persons against whom charges have been brought, which have not been reported for certain reasons. I emphasize that every word I say can harm the investigation and lead to clues. The prosecution and defense will most likely face off in the courtroom and each will present their case. As far as I remember, at the briefing, the director of the investigation announced that two of the defendants had been set bail of BGN 1 million each. They have the right to appeal it.”

Todorov commented on both positions that Nexo sent to the media. “Extremely rarely accused persons admit their guilt. Everyone has the right to his defense. This is absolutely normal. I fully agree with their second position, that in the end the rightness will be proven by the Bulgarian court”.

The deputy director of the NSLS said that the expensive paintings of Matisse, Picasso and Dali found during the search of the residence of one of the suspects were given for assessment. “There is no preliminary assessment yet. But if they are originals – they are probably too expensive. It is clear that with a turnover of 94 billion – there must be a good profit, the company declares big profits, people have opportunities. But whether this was done behind the investors’ backs, that will become clear during the investigation.”

“I’m glad the whole implementation of the Nexo operation was kept under wraps and it was really surprising.” No information leaked. And I am pleased with the improving cooperation with the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service. The situation in the last year and a half – two has been desperate. But now there is clearly good will from all sides and this is in the interest of the fight against crime”.


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