Instagram wants to save our time and concentration by introducing a “Silent Mode”

Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter… On our smartphones, social networks are fond of pushes, these visual and sometimes sound notifications. Stimuli that activate our internal gratification system by secreting dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter, into our brain. A real disaster for our concentration.

In an attempt to curb the daily avalanche of information on our screens, developers of mobile operating systems (iOS or Android) and application designers are starting to create filters to reduce the number of alerts received. The last app concerned is Instagram.

The teenagers targeted

In a communicated of January 19, Meta has just announced the arrival of a “Quiet Fashion“, literally “Silent Mode” in French, on Instagram. Available initially in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the feature will allow you to temporarily disable notifications. Users who attempt to you will receive a message that you have not been notified. The profile activity status will also change within the app to reflect your current mode. A summary of past activity will then be generated upon deactivation of the profile. fashion.

A function that is intended in particular for young users. “Teenagers told us that they sometimes want to take time for themselves and that they may be looking for other ways to concentrate in the evening, while studying and during class”, says Meta. When they spend some time on the app “late at night”, teens will be prompted to turn on Silent Mode. Finally, all users will be able to plan the hours of activation of the mode.

The Improved Family Center

Along with this feature, Instagram should leave more room for parental responsibility. The family center, launched in March 2022, will be enriched to allow adults to better understand the settings of their child’s account. Their teen’s Instagram settings, including those related to “confidentiality” and “of the account”, will be accessible from the parental control center. Notifications will also be issued when a setting is updated. Finally, parents will have access to the list of accounts blocked by their cherub.

New measures which intervene in a context of growing distrust of social networks, accused of harming the mental health of the youngest. For several years, legal actions by families have multiplied to denounce the excessive influence and the toxicity of certain content on the platforms.

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