Instagram Reels losing momentum… already?

Instagram can’t seem to compete with TikTok. The Meta group’s social network may be strongly inspired by the Chinese giant, but the results are not there. In any case, this is indicated by a new report relayed by the wall street journal. Internet users would spend ten times more time watching videos on TikTok than chaining Reels on Instagram. Meta never ceased to proclaim the success of its latest format, largely modeled on the offer of its most serious competitor. In April 2022, Instagram revealed that Reels took up 20% of its users’ time.

Yet, for the wall street journal, the reality is quite different. According to an internal document, the engagement generated by Reels fell by 13.6% during the four weeks analyzed and some Reels users would not “no commitment“. The American giant defended itself by stressing that these figures did not entirely reflect reality, without however advancing other explanations.

“Make Instagram Instagram Again”

If Meta continues to impose itself with a large number of active users, whether weekly or monthly, Internet users are spending more and more time on other social networks. The latest study by Hootsuite and We Are Social notably demonstrated the preference of Internet users for TikTok regarding entertainment content. In addition, Instagram users called out Adam Mosseri, the platform’s boss, last July, tired of seeing Instagram transform into a discount version of TikTok, favoring videos over photos. The “Make Instagram Instagram Again” campaign was notably taken up by stars like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Critics pushed back with the back of the hand by Adam Mosseri, who had reaffirmed the will of the social network to promote short videos. Another cold shower for Meta.


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