India is considering imposing the universal charger on connected watches too

After smartphones, why not watches? While the EU has just finalized the universal charger agreement, which will force Apple to adopt USB-C on its iPhones, India is seeking to do the same with connected watches.

Already decided to follow in the footsteps of the EU concerning smartphones, New Delhi therefore wants to go further and offer a universal system for connected accessories that you wear on your person, whether they are sports bracelets or connected watches. For the moment, the details of this new legislation are unclear, PTI news agency merely indicating that the Indian Standards Bureau wishes to put in place “a common charger for wearables.

India, a must-see country

It must be said that India is in a particularly privileged position to negotiate such a technological shift. The country has become at the end of 2022 the largest market in the world for connected watches and bracelets. Samsung and Apple accessories rub shoulders with more basic gadgets from local brands that offer much lower prices.

It is therefore difficult for a manufacturer to deprive himself of such a market because of new binding rules. And although no details on the charging system envisaged or the date of implementation of such a measure have been provided, there is no doubt that if India does indeed impose a universal charger for connected watches, the rest of the world should also benefit. It would finally be an opportunity to say goodbye to a market that sees a confrontation between wireless charging systems, magnetic chargers and proprietary protocols or tips. An opportunity to clean the drawers and limit the production of electronic waste.

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