In Taiwan, Apple products labeled “made in China”

China intends to strictly enforce a law enacted in 2015 and prohibiting the import of products stamped “made in Taiwan”. Apple decided last week to comply with the measure.

It’s a “new” Chinese law that Apple is going to have no choice but to comply with, as Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has reignited tensions between Beijing and Washington over the future of the device. archipelago. China now bans the words “made in Taiwan” or “Republic of China” – the official name of Taiwan – on all products intended for its domestic market. The mention “made in China” must be preferred to them.

Thereby, as Nikkei Asia indicates, Apple’s subcontractors have been asked by the American firm to use “made in Taiwan, China” markings and labels as of Friday, August 5. Needless to say, in this way, China intends to affirm that it considers Taiwan as one of its territories.

Note, moreover, as reported by the daily The world, that the law in question is actually not new since it was enacted in 2015. But since then it has not really been applied. The visit to the island of the American leader, speaker of the House of Representatives, precipitated its forced application, at the request of the Chinese authorities. Beijing has indeed indicated that fines, immobilizations and dismissals of the products concerned will hit companies that do not comply.

Apple, which has no intention of slowing down its production lines as the start of the school year approaches and the formalization of its future iPhone 14, has decided to comply. This currently earned him numerous criticisms from opponents of the Beijing regime.

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