In Spain warned: 15 minutes added time and fewer penalties – Spain

The President of the Refereeing Committee of the Royal Football Federation, Luis Medina Cantalejo, commented on the changes that will take place in the refereeing in the 2022/23 season.

“This season we can reach 15 minutes of added time. We will continue to fight to reduce the number of penalties awarded for handball when it is not a crystal clear situation,” said Medina Cantalejo.

He also asked not to speculate on the future of the president of the federation Luis Rubiales: “It is not possible to work normally when the future of the president is at stake.”

Key changes:

– Playing a hand that does not directly affect the development of the game will not be sanctioned.

– Change in the offside interpretation rule (example: Kylian Mbappe’s goal against Spain in the League of Nations)

– Maximum protection of the player’s health

– Intolerance of the game slowing down in the last minutes.

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