In Portugal and Germany, the referee from Levski-Hamrun was fired because of new blunders – Champions League

The referee of the match of the second qualifying round of the Conference League between Levski and Hamrun – Istvan Kovacs, once again came to the attention of the supporters with mistakes. This time it happened in the match of the group stage of the Champions League between Bayer Leverkusen and Porto.

The Romanian media immediately recalled the complaint that the “blues” sent to UEFA and made a summary of the headlines in the Portuguese and German media, which were not satisfied with the rulings of the judge from Romania.

“VAR saved everything”, writes “O Jogo”. Kovach made many mistakes, which were corrected by VAR judge Paolo Valeri.

“Record” gave him a rating of 3 out of a possible 6. This publication also takes into account the fact that Paolo Valeri saved Kovacs: “In three VAR interventions, the assessment of the referee brigade is positive, but there is much to be desired. Kovacs may be grateful to Paolo Valeri.”

There were also claims from the German side, as “Bild” pulled out 4 incorrect judgments of the Romanian referee.

Rangers seriously chased Levski’s anti-record with a goal against Liverpool

Porto swallowed the “aspirins” and left them at the bottom in a match with three penalties (VIDEO)

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