In Gazprom’s contracts, the first point should be “Whose Crimea”

Moscow in shock after Erdogan’s call to return the peninsula and after Lukashenko’s greeting on Ukraine’s Independence Day

We should not believe the wording of friendship, we already believed our own ideological stupidity once and lost the USSR, says Russian analyst

Russia is clearly shaken by Turkish President Erdogan’s call to return Crimea to Ukraine and President Zelensky’s promise that they will fight until they take back their territories, including the peninsula. Perhaps that is why a scandalous idea appeared on the “Russia Today” channel in Telegram: in the upcoming negotiations of “Gazprom” with European countries, the first point should be the column “Whose Crimea”.

Orientalist and political analyst Yevgeny Satanovsky also spoke about the claims to the annexed Crimea, who warned the citizens of Russia not to be too warm towards their allies.

“Russia Today” today quoted his interview in the Public Information Agency on the occasion of Recep Erdogan’s call for the Crimean Peninsula and Alexander Lukashenko’s congratulations on Ukraine’s Independence Day.

“We will never be friends with anyone,” says Satanovski. the analyst.

He also emphasized that not much attention should be paid to “formulations in speeches about friendship and brotherhood”.

“Such things should not be taken seriously – he stated. – Once we already believed in our own ideological stupidity and lost the USSR.”


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