In France, they announced Mbappe’s mind-blowing new contract as a record in football

Kylian Mbappe received a record-breaking and mind-blowing contract at PSG in the summer, and this was somewhat confirmed by a statement from the French economy minister today.

“I admit that I am satisfied with the numbers I saw – says Bruno le Maire in an interview with CNews, which is not about football, but the case of “Mbappe” is also represented. – Naturally, I am satisfied with the fact that the contract has been signed in France The footballer will pay very serious sums in taxes and that makes me happy as a minister.

The amounts? I can’t reveal anything, but – yes, they are quite far from what we are used to calling “reasonable”.

It is not far from the truth and what has been reported in the media, but Paris Saint-Germain is a private enterprise and no one can impose a signing policy on it.”

And so – the sums, according to France 2 and “Le Parisien”, reported already on Monday:

Mbappe will receive a total of €630 million over three years as a PSG player, with wages and bonuses included in this package.

There is also a solid image premium due to the global popularity and expansion of the PSG brand, which is going at an extraordinary pace especially in Asia, thanks mostly to Mbappe, Messi and Neymar.

The new superstar of football surpasses with this contract all previous ones signed by Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or any other player, if the numbers are true.

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