In defiance of sanctions, the wife of the Kremlin spokesman smashes plates at a party in Greece (Video)

The wife of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka, caused a scandal in Russia and Greece after uploading a recording of her summer vacation in Greece to her Instagram profile, reported “Ofnews“.

The video, which has since been removed from her wall, shows Navka smashing plates Greek-style during a dance in a tavern. After a wave of criticism against the behavior both in Russia and in Greece, Tatiana Navka was forced to delete the recording, which can be found in many places on the Internet.

The 47-year-old former Maxim model and figure skater was recorded at a party in a Greek tavern playing to the tune of “Zorba the Greek” and in the spirit of the old Greek tradition of smashing plates, which should bring her happiness.

The recordings from Greece come after Navka’s Turkish vacation, and commentators in the Russian-speaking segment of social networks drew attention to the fact that without a problem the wife of Peskov, who daily thunders the “Collective West” entered a country of the same West despite the sanctions imposed by March of this year against her, her daughter and Peskov himself. Greek journalists demanded an immediate clarification of the matter. In Russia itself, Navka’s behavior has also come under criticism for the fact that while a special military operation is underway in Ukraine, she is having fun in a Greek resort and bragging about it on the Internet.

A curious detail that the Greek Alpha News draws attention to in a report on the case is that the Russian authorities, whose mouthpiece is Peskov, have declared Instagram an extremist platform and blocked the work in Russia as well. “Crushing plates is part of the night party in Greece . For me, this is a kind of bait, what do you think?” Navka wrote on Instagram with the idea of ​​provoking. The Russian part of the Internet did not take her provocation well. Questions such as “And where is your husband?” or “Why are you not in Crimea?” appeared. The Russians are unhappy that Tatiana Navka has chosen for her holiday countries such as Turkey and Greece, which support Ukraine in its struggle with Russia.

In one of his last pictures in the series, Navka is on the base of a column and apparently depicts a Greek goddess. “Athena, Artemis? Aphrodite? Whose image do you think suits me best? Share in your comments which photo you like the most,” asks the spouse of Putin’s spokesperson.

According to the Greek economist and publicist Theodor Alisandratos, from a formal point of view Tatiana Navka’s stay in Greece is not a violation, since the sanctions imposed by the EU on March 17 of this year in relation to Navka are financial, but there is no ban on her entering the countries of the community. “It’s time to right the wrong,” Alisandratos called on Twitter.


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