In CSKA pleasantly surprised by Jefferson, Dani Ganchev applauded him (VIDEO) – Curious

CSKA were pleasantly surprised by Jefferson. The Brazilian showed up in time for the start of training.

The “armies” held their first training for the year 2023. The activity was accompanied by a lot of good mood and joy among the football players.

The red club released a video of the training session. In it, head coach Sasha Ilic talks about the club’s preparation and transfer policy. However, a very curious moment was included at the very beginning of the video.

Sasha Ilic: If a quality player appears, I’m “for” him to come (VIDEO)

In the CSKA dressing room, Jeferon earned applause for arriving on time for the start of training. In the past he has come home later from Brazil and missed the first few days.

Danail Ganchev personally congratulated the midfielder: “As you can see, Jeferson has arrived on time, well done,” Ganchev said and started applauding him. The Brazilian’s teammates got involved.

Earlier today, the defensive midfielder marked his 5th year as a footballer for the club. The Brazilian moved to “Bulgarian Army” on January 7, 2018 from Internacional. The 28-year-old footballer is very close to becoming the foreigner who has played the most matches for CSKA. There are currently 152 matches for the “armies” in all competitions

On the occasion of the anniversary, Jefferson uploaded photos of the “armies” shirt on his Instagram profile and wrote: “Today I celebrate the 5th anniversary of wearing this shirt of the great CSKA. I’m rediscovering and living my dream.”

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