In Australia “Revival” wins, in China “Continuing the change” is with 40.68%

Shortly after midnight, the Central Electoral Commission began to publish the first protocols of voting abroad. So far, the results of Australia, Albania, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil are all known.

In Australia, “Vazrazhdane” won with 30.87% (117 votes) ahead of “Continuing the change” with 29.02% (110 votes) and “Democratic Bulgaria” – 20.05% (76 votes).

In Albania, the GERB party won with 107 votes, and the BSP came in second with 76 votes.

“Vazrazhdane” won in Russia with 160 votes (51.12%) ahead of BSP with 33 votes (10.54%).

In New Zealand, the two political forces exchange places – 38.94% for “Continuing the change” and 18.58 for “Revival”.

In China, “We continue the change” is with 40.68% (24 votes), and “Democratic Bulgaria” is second with 16.95% (10 votes). In South Korea, these two formations exchange places, being convincingly in the lead. The picture is repeated in Japan, where “Democratic Bulgaria” is again in the lead – 36.61%, and 31.25% voted for “Continuing the change”. In Singapore, too, the two political forces are headed by a leader “We continue the change”.

“GERB” won in Algeria, and “Bulgarian Rise” won in Armenia. In Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brazil, “We continue the change” is also a leading force.


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