In Afghanistan, Harry killed 25 Taliban

The prince lost his virginity aged 17 to an older woman in a field behind a pub

Prince Harry killed 25 Taliban fighters while on a mission in Afghanistan as part of the British Army. This became clear from his memoir Spare, which was mistakenly published earlier in Spain.

“It wasn’t a statistic that filled me with pride, but it didn’t make me feel ashamed either. When I found myself immersed in the heat and confusion of battle, I did not think of these 25 as people. They were chess pieces removed from the board. Bad people were eliminated before they could kill good ones,” wrote the younger son of King Charles III.

However, several veterans with whom he served in Afghanistan sharply criticized him for the claim. Former army officer Colonel Richard Kemp told the BBC his comments were “ill-judged” because no one in the British army is trained to view the enemy as less than human. Also, leaking information about murders that have been committed could undermine Harry’s security and provoke

for people to want revenge for what he did

According to former royal commando Ben McBean, the prince broke an unwritten rule of silence about military missions in foreign countries and thus lost his reputation among the military. He even urged him on social media to shut up about the matter and just continue to live the life he has chosen for himself in the US.

A Taliban representative commented to the Daily Mail that Harry is a big loser who is trying to attract attention, and the fact that the “chess pieces” rule in Afghanistan while he is fighting for a place in the royal family speaks volumes. .

In the book, Harry reveals that he lost his virginity at 17 to an older woman in a field behind a very busy pub, and the lady in question treated him like a “young stallion”.

“I mounted her quickly, then she slapped my ass and sent me off. One of the many mistakes I made was that it happened in a field, just behind a fairly busy pub. No doubt someone saw us,” wrote the prince. After the incident, he was visited at the college where he was studying by a bodyguard from the palace. However, it turns out that the reason is different – Charles’s press office was informed of an upcoming publication that Harry was taking drugs, which he said was a lie. Still, he admits that the

has taken cocaine and smoked cannabis several times,

also hallucinated a trash can talking to him after eating magic mushrooms.

In his memoirs, the prince says it was a mistake to search online for sex scenes with his wife-to-be Meghan from her movies when they started dating. He joked that he needed “electrical shock therapy” to erase what he saw.

Harry also sheds light on what led to the scandal between Meghan and his brother’s wife. Kate made a face of disgust when Meghan asked her to serve her lip gloss at an event they were going to together. She then took offense when she suggested that she has “baby brain” as her hormones are still raging after the birth of her third child. Then even Prince William stepped in to defend his wife, saying it was too harsh. Megan told him not to wave a finger in her face.

The memoir, Spare, is due to be released on Tuesday, but before then several interviews with Harry are expected to air on American and British television to promote his book. She is already causing the biggest upheaval in the British royal family since the scandalous divorce of his parents Charles and Diana in 1996.

Prince Harry’s book appeared in Spain days before its official premiere.


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