In 2019 Ferrari won with an illegal engine and nothing happened

Fernando Alonso; photo: Alpin

Fernando Alonso thinks Red Bull will not face a serious penalty for a potential budget overrun in 2021. The two-time world champion backed up his point by using Ferrari as an example. In 2019, there were doubts about the Italian team’s drivetrain. The Scuderia was adamant that everything in the engine was fine. The FIA ​​issued a number of technical directives, while in early 2020, a secret agreement was reached between the team and the federation. To this day, it is not known what it contains.

“Ferrari won two races in 2019 (actually three – in Belgium, Italy and Singapore, b.c.) with something we all know wasn’t legal. Nothing happened. They kept their wins,” Alonso said

“Imagine if they had won the championship in 2019 with this engine. I think we should rely on the people with the necessary power and trust them. In my opinion, these things have always been part of Formula 1,” continued Alonso.

“Financial rules are something new, introduced recently. There are always various setups in the gray area that can be used. Championship winners win because they exploit the gray areas. The other teams then copy. Eventually the rivals get to a certain level or the FIA ​​bans something that was allowed for a race or two. That’s the nature of Formula 1,” Alonso said.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff continued to insist in Austin that a serious sanction is necessary in case of violation of the financial regulation. However, he rejected the possibility the 2021 title to be taken from Max Verstappen

“I don’t know the size of the offense, but 1-2 million can decide the championship. The FIA ​​must make the right choice and the sanction should reflect the offence. However, I don’t think we can go back to the title for 2021. This is unrealistic. However, the regulation should be clearer and fairer in the future. The financial requirements are as important as the technical and sporting ones,” said Wolff.

Meanwhile, Martin Brandl said the FIA ​​needed to start applying common sense. According to the former F1 driver and current TV commentator, it may be time for the rules to be completely rewritten.

“It is extremely sad that such things are being talked about. Budget limit, safety cars and tractors on track, whether a driver became champion or not… for God’s sake, (in Japan) it wasn’t even clear on which lap the race finished. And is he now the champion or not? Well, that’s basic stuff!” Brandl exclaimed.

“The rules are getting more complicated, they’re changing. I think it’s time to call it quits and start over. This was discussed a year or two ago. Here is the situation with flight directors, for example. Until now, it was working with two people and it didn’t work out well. This has changed – Eduardo Freitas will not be flight director.”

“But in general we are in chaos in terms of fundamental principles of racing. Formula 1 is a fast-moving, complex sport, but the wording is too complex. 25% of the race distance, 50%, whatever you can think of and finally it was not written correctly and no one noticed. Time to apply some very basic common sense. There is no need to think about anything else,” said the former pilot.

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