In 2019, Casemiro took less than the third goalkeeper, and now only Cristiano is ahead of him

If not the loudest, then Casemiro’s transfer from Real Madrid to Manchester United is perhaps the most surprising transfer of the summer.

The Brazilian has signed a 4+1 year deal with the Old Trafford club, where he will enjoy a substantial pay rise.

According to “Athletic”, the midfielder will equal David de Gea and will receive 375 thousand pounds per week. So it will be only behind his former teammate in Real – Cristiano Ronaldo, who collects 515 thousand pounds a week. Jaden Sancho (350 thousand/week) and Raphael Varane (340 thousand/week) close the top 5 salaries at United.

Of course, it also has various bonuses. In addition, if United qualify for the Champions League next season, Casemiro’s salary will jump slightly, but if he misses out on the most prestigious European tournament again, he will receive slightly less than now.

Against the backdrop of players in the entire Premier League, Casemiro is fifth in salary. First is Ronaldo, second is Kevin de Bruyne with 400 thousand/week, followed by De Gea, and fourth is Erling Haaland with 375 thousand/week. Top 5 – all from Manchester – two from City and three from United.

But Casemiro did not arrive at Old Trafford for money. “I decided to leave after the final in the Champions League – I felt that my time here was up. I wanted a new challenge,” commented the Brazilian.

He really doesn’t care about money. By 2019, Casemiro was earning 40k/week, which was less than what Kiko Casilla was getting, who didn’t play a single game for the “Kings” in the 2018/19 season and was let go in the middle no money to go to Leeds.

It should be noted that then Casemiro was already an indispensable part of Real’s midfield, having won four Champions League trophies.

In the 2019/20 season, the Brazilian signed a new contract, according to which his salary was increased fourfold, but a little later the Covid-19 pandemic came, due to which Real cut wages by between 10 and 20 percent.

Now, finally, Casemiro will be paid a decent wage for the top-class footballer he undoubtedly is. All that remains is for him to take his game from the Santiago Bernabeu to Old Trafford, and no United fan would even considered challenging his pay.


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