Imou launches three new surveillance cameras, including a 4K one

Present in France since 2021, the young shoot of the Dahua group, Imou, claims some 20 million users around the world and is counting on this dynamic to further expand its base. The firm is already on the French Amazon marketplace, but indicates that it has started discussions with several resellers in France. It should also be able to count on several new products to convince both these retailers and French consumers.

After hinting at ambitions in the connected home by launching a first robot vacuum cleaner, Imou returns to its core business: security and especially video surveillance. Two new cameras have already completed its catalog, notably joining the A1 4MP, while a third should arrive soon.

4K images with the Imou Knight

Of these three novelties, the Knight is undoubtedly the most interesting. It can not only provide 4K recordings (3840 x 2160 pixels) thanks to its 8 MP sensor – while most competing models film in 2K at best – but it also incorporates Imou’s most advanced detection system. . The camera can distinguish between people, vehicles and animals. Features far from new on the market, or even at Imou for that matter. To take advantage of it with other cameras, you must nevertheless take out a paid subscription, the analysis being carried out on the cloud. The Knight is able to perform the analysis locally, which should also be faster.

Still for detection, Imou’s 4K camera offers activity zones and crossing lines. It is also equipped with a 110 dB siren to scare away intruders, in addition to a 600 lumen projector for color night vision. Infrared vision is also provided for the night, and the Knight offers with that two-way audio, 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi compatibility or even a microSD reader. Certified IP66, it is already available for just over €150.

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More installation options with Versa and Cell Go

Also new in the Imou catalog, the Versa relies on a compact format and an articulated magnetic support to be installed everywhere: on the wall, on a piece of furniture or a metal surface. Its waterproof design (IP65) allows it to be used indoors and outdoors, but we would have liked a battery to install it even more easily. A little less technically interesting with its 2 Mpx sensor, it still benefits from a small on-board projector for color night vision. It is already available for less than 50 €.

Finally, the Cell Go takes up the good ideas of the Versa by taking them a little further. Slightly less compact, it too can be installed indoors or outdoors, on a wall or on a piece of furniture, but adds a battery for maximum flexibility. The Cell Go even goes so far as to play backup cameras by integrating a manual trigger button without having to go through the app. It is also able to automatically record in case of activity thanks to a PIR sensor, and delivers images up to 2304 x 1296 pixels thanks to a 3 Mpx sensor.

It should be available in November for less than €100, but the details of its launch remain to be confirmed for the time being.

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