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The Jow application called on the Imediacenter advertising agency to broadcast messages on the screens of more than 60 French shopping centers encouraging consumers to eat better.

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“At Jow, our mission is to change your daily life: eat better, waste less and consume more responsibly and more sensibly.” The ambition of this application is clear and it puts all the means to achieve it. Jow is a service that allows to organize all the meals of the week taking into account tastes and budgets. The app automatically fills the basket with the ingredients required to make the selected recipes and offers users home delivery or delivery to a nearby store. Thus, Jow ensures that it can avoid food waste and unnecessary expenses.

Recipe suggestions according to the seasons

The company’s new idea for promoting responsible eating is simple: suggest seasonal recipes and broadcast slogans like “Eggplant, corn, raspberry, zucchini: In summer, I favor seasonal fruits and vegetables“. To do this, the application has partnered with the retail media management Imediacenter. In 2022, for each week of broadcast, the device records very solid performance with more than 3 million impressions on average, according to the Sustainable Brands study.

Thirty recipes have already been proposed shopping center regulars. Among them, the Rustic Rhubarb Tart or the Hummus beetroot, feta and soft-boiled egg ideally meet the objective of the partnership: eating fresh products and favoring seasonal fruits and vegetables. This is very important in the eyes of Jacques-Edouard Sabatier, CEO of Jow. According to him, “what we eat is what we are, […] it’s our place in the world, it’s our health, our impact on the environment”.

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