Ilian Iliev: I was told that the BFS delegate made the denunciation – the Black Sea

The head coach of Black Sea, Ilian Iliev, commented to Darik radio and dsport about the circumstances of the four-match suspension imposed on him by the DK at BFS.

“Many friends called me: ‘You didn’t kill a person.’ One meeting due to the accumulation of three cards. Today you saw the provocation. We happen to react. Already for the three meetings, I had one speech in which I blamed the head referee and the fourth for what happened. We are not talking about what happened on the field, but the consequence with the punishment. It turned out that everything came from the duty delegate Dimitar Dimitrov Velinov. He has the same name as the judge. A lot of things that can certainly be said on the field many times and stay there. Perhaps the activity of the delegate in question comes a little more,” said Iliev.

“The chief judge and the fourth judge, at least that’s what they said, did not participate in this denunciation that Dimitar Dimitrov Velinov (the delegate of the BFS) made,” he added.

Ilian Iliev: We have to be careful when referees play at this level (VIDEO)

The discip applied all his rigor and punished Ilian Iliev for 4 matches

Black Sea will not file a complaint against the judges, will appeal Iliev’s punishment

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