Ikebana has moved to the Canary Islands, see what the approach…

The singer Deyan Nedelchev, known in recent years as Ikebana, has become a waiter in the Canary Islands.

This was announced by the poet and host of “Po sveta i vu nas” Kostadin Filipov. The two were supposed to present their joint song “Shupeni Dushi” together, but because of his new job, the musician missed the event.

In a piano bar in the capital, Filipov presented his third collection of poems “Night and Knife” (published by “Persei”), which also includes several texts based on which songs have already been created. The author had invited their performers such as Margarita Hranova and Orlin Goranov to sing them live at the promotion. The newest one – “Broken Souls” – was also premiered, but on a recording, and before that a clip sent by Deyan Nedelchev from the beach under the palm trees was projected on the video screen. Kosyo explained that the singer, possessor of one of the 10 most unique voices in the world, could not attend in person as he had started work as a waiter in the Canary Islands. “He still has to feed himself somehow,” added the poet.

He also told the story of the song, how around 8 pm the musician called him to ask him what was his favorite poem to make a song about it, and 6 hours later he sent him a demo recording of the composition. Thus, the ballad arranged by Konstantin Djambazov was recorded in Varna, there is also a clip already available on YouTube. Kosyo also revealed that the same poem “Broken Souls” was written by the author of the unforgettable hits “Detski memen”, “S dneshna data”, “No roads back” and many others – Dimitar Penev. The maestro himself broke the news to the poet, but shortly afterwards he entered the hospital, where he died in July. “Perhaps we will never be able to hear his melody,” sadly concluded the master of rhymes, wrote “Telegraph”.


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