Ikea formalizes the Vindstyrka, a smart sensor to measure indoor air quality

A new smart product to measure indoor pollution. Ikea formalize the launch of Vindstyrka, its connected air quality sensor. With this product, Ikea intends to increase its market share in home automation.

PM2.5 and TVOC on the agenda

The images of the device confirm those released last January. Thus, the rectangular box follows the historic design of Ikea: white, sober and suitable for all rooms in the home. The Vindstyrka is able to measure indoor air quality using several combined indices, such as the rate of highly polluting PM2.5 particles and volatile organic compounds (TVOC). More conventionally, the device is equipped with a thermometer and a hygrometer for indoor comfort. In the endthe Vindstyrka displays an air quality index with three colors: green, yellow or red.

This small box is obviously connected and its measurements can be viewed in real time on the manufacturer’s Home Smart app. It is here possible to configure routines to trigger an action when the indoor air deteriorates. The device can also be linked to Starkvind, Ikea’s smart purifier, so that it speeds up the fan when the air quality is poor.

A price “affordable”

“We take it for granted that the air in our homes is clean, but small daily activities, such as cooking or cleaning, can contribute to its poor quality just as much as industry or traffic. With the Vindstyrka, our ambition has been to create an affordable and high-performance sensor to help our customers become aware of the quality of the air they breathe at home”explains Henrik Telander, product manager at Ikea Sweden in a press release.

The price of the device, still unknown, should therefore be reasonable. The Swedish firm will launch its marketing from April on all of its markets.

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